[Fshare] Various Artists - 90's Country Deep Cuts (2023)

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    FLAC (tracks) | Blues/Country/Folk | 65 tracks/03:48:09 | 1.44 Gb


    Faith Hill - Go the Distance
    Dolly Parton - You'll Never Be the Sun
    Travis Tritt - If Hell Had a Jukebox
    MICHAEL PETERSON - That's What They Said About the Buffalo
    Emmylou Harris - The Light
    Randy Travis - Forever Together
    Confederate Railroad - Queen Of Memphis (Dance Mix)
    Holly Dunn - Strangers Again
    Beth Nielsen Chapman - You Hold the Key
    Carlene Carter - Come Here You (Reprise)
    Chad Brock - Going the Distance
    Blue Rodeo - What Am I Doing Here
    B.J. Thomas - It's No Secret (What God Can Do)
    Kevin Welch - Streets of Love
    Randy Scruggs - Passin' Thru
    Regina Regina - Right Plan, Wrong Man
    Bryan White - Still Life (LPVersion)
    Pam Tillis - I Thought I'd About Had It with Love
    The Wilkinsons - Nothing But Love (Standing in the Way)
    Mandy Barnett - What's Good for You
    Don Edwards - An Old Cowboy's Dream
    Terry McMillan - I'm Comin' Back
    Shawn Camp - Turn Loose of My Pride
    Keith Harling - Four Walls
    Clay Walker - Money Can't Buy (The Love We Had)
    Chalee Tennison - Sometime
    Jim Cuddy - Whistler
    John Michael Montgomery - No Man's Land
    THE FORESTER SISTERS - Come as You Are
    Bill And Bonnie Hearne - New Mexico Rain
    Jimmie Dale Gilmore - There She Goes
    Mark Collie - Those Days Are Gone (2006 Remastered Version)
    The Great Divide - Wile E. Coyote
    Bob Woodruff - Dreams & Saturday Nights
    Michael Martin Murphey - Queen of Heartaches
    Brady Seals - I Get High Lovin' You
    Monte Warden - It's Only Love
    George Fox - Here's Hoping (There'll Always Be a Cowboy)
    Hal Bynum - There'll Be Love
    Neal McCoy - You Gotta Love That (Remastered Album Version)
    David Ball - 12-12-84
    Joni Harms - When I Get over You
    Lace - If Not for Loving You
    Chris Cummings - Little Sister's Blue Jeans
    The Lynns - Woman to Woman (Remix)
    Bill Miller - After the Storm
    Mark Nesler - Going Crazy
    Thrasher & Shiver - All the King's Horses
    Red Steagall - Big Texas Moon
    Mark O Connor - Sweet Suzanne
    Karen Staley - Hindsight Is 20/20
    Daryle Singletary - What Am I Doing There
    Chris Ward - Love Me to Death
    Tim Ryan - Say Goodbye to Montana
    Mila Mason - Don't Maybe Me
    Maura O'Connell - It Don't Bring You
    Midsouth - Long Walk Home
    Tracy Lawrence - Crying Ain't Dying
    Old 97's - Busted Afternoon
    Highway 101 - Storm of Love
    Gene Watson - She's Leavin' Looking Good
    Kevin Sharp - Somebody's Baby
    Ricky Skaggs - Just the Two of Us
    Lila Mccann - When You Walked into My Life
    Deborah Allen - Talkin' to My Heart

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