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    Haiku—the premiere recording collaboration between multifaceted pianist/vocalist/songwriter/arranger Jenny Maybee and veteran jazz record producer/trumpet player/songwriter/arranger Nick Phillips—is a mesmerizing mix of vocal and instrumental jazz recordings in which refreshingly original compositions and imaginative arrangements of standards are brought to life with inspired, risk-taking, live-in-the-studio performances.

    The Maybee/Phillips musical partnership began with a chance meeting at the 2014 West Coast Songwriter’s conference. They discovered a shared love for music arising from a place of stillness conveying frequencies of appreciation and awe. Focusing their shared musical exploration on creating an environment for relaxed improvisation, the duo organically developed original compositions and reimagined favorite standards for the pure joy of making music together.

    Opportunity knocked when Cookie Marenco—an esteemed, audiophile engineer/producer with several GRAMMY® nominated recordings to her credit—approached Phillips about recording his next project at her legendary OTR Studios. Marenco’s proprietary Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.) recording technique and state-of-the-art, ultra-high-resolution audio technology—Quad-rate DSD, aka DSD256, which records at a sampling frequency that’s 256 times that of a CD—captures Maybee and Phillips’ stirring and nuanced performances in a breath-taking sonic landscape that is at once warm and intimate, yet detailed and spacious.

    While the recording technology is leading edge, the approach was decidedly “old school”: Three musicians—Jenny Maybee (piano, vocals), Nick Phillips (trumpet), and Paul Eastburn (acoustic bass)—together in the studio for an afternoon. No headphones, no isolation between musicians, no overdubs, no Auto-Tune. Just real, responsive, in-the-moment jazz in complete, unedited takes.

    Although record producer Phillips is no stranger to working with jazz vocalists—having been at the helm of acclaimed jazz vocal projects including GRAMMY®-nominated albums by Karrin Allyson and Nnenna Freelon—Haiku marks his first album collaboration with a vocalist as a co-leader and recording artist. And while pianist Maybee has long been a fixture in envelope-pushing improvisation ensembles in the San Francisco Bay Area, Haiku marks the multi-talented artist’s long-overdue recording debut as a jazz vocalist.

    Trumpeter Nick Phillips established himself as a great believer in the power of toned-down art when he released the attractively mellow Moment To Moment (Self Produced, 2014) with pianist Cava Menzies. That album retained a magically hushed aura from start to finish, showing Phillips to be a less-is-more artist focused on tracing the curves of a song and setting the mood with his economical trumpet work. Haiku, an album that shines a spotlight on the newly established partnership between Phillips and pianist-vocalist Jenny Maybee, charms in similar fashion, holding up temperance as its greatest virtue.

    While Moment To Moment and Haiku prove to be perfect companion pieces, they have their notable differences beyond specific personnel. The former was an instrumental outing that was dominated by covers and delivered by a quartet. This one is a trio date that focuses largely on material penned by Phillips and/or Maybee. The majority of the material features Maybee's vocals, but instrumental interplay remains key in every piece.

    The album opens with the title track and "You"—two pieces that Phillips co-wrote with songwriter Cliff Goldmacher. "Haiku" serves as a perfect scene-setter, speaking with a poetic sense of mystery and yearning. "You," which also appeared on Moment To Moment, is a slice of dispirited beauty. Elegiac tones hover over much of the material that follows, but there are exceptions. "Blue Monk," for example, finds Maybee, Phillips, and bassist Paul Eastburn toying with the familiar before settling into an easygoing take on this Thelonious Monk classic. It's the first of four instrumental pieces on the album, and it turns out to the most casual of the bunch. The rest—the brief "Autumn Moon," the tender "Winter Butterflies," and the curious "Idyll Surreal"—wouldn't be totally out of place on an ECM record, as thoughtfully curious piano, full-bodied bass, and warm-toned trumpet embrace the art of unhurried exploration.

    Haiku has no jagged edges, no bluster and bravado, and no athletic feats to speak of. It's an album that values heart over head and beauty over brawn, pointing to the fact that Nick Phillips has found an artistic soul mate in Jenny Maybee.

    [Jenny Maybee Nick Phillips Haiku Nick Phillips Music (2016)
    2ch DSD256 DSF11.289MHz (9.48GB) | DR13 Source https://nickphillipsmusic.downloadsnow.net/haiku | Jazz

    01. Haiku
    02. You
    03. Interstellar
    04. The Meaning Of The Blues
    05. Blue Monk
    06. The Setting Sun
    07. Autumn Moon
    08. Winter Butterflies
    09. Heaven
    10. Idyll Surreal
    11. Now 


    Jenny Maybeepianovocals (1-46911)
    Nick Phillipstrumpet
    Paul Eastburn
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